Gas Market Prices – 15 April 2019

Key gas observations for the month ending 15 April 2019:

  • Gas Prices remained high across the Brisbane, Sydney, Victorian and Adelaide trading hubs with the monthly average price higher than the previous monthly period.
  • According to the Australian Energy Regulator in their weekly market report (17 – 23 March 2019) the Day Ahead Capacity Auction (DAA) platform continues to be utilised to transport gas at low cost to southern regions of the east coast gas network.
  • Large gas consumers continue to explore alternative options for gas supply particularly looking into sourcing gas from Short Term Trading Markets (STTMs). If you are a large gas user, this should be a high priority for consideration. Edge are well positioned to provide details on whether this supply model will suit your business. Beyond this, Edge can assist in transitioning your organisation to accessing the STTM. Edge offer the following services:
    • Daily nominations and trading;
    • Monthly reconciliation;
    • Facilitation of short and long-term Gas Supply Agreements; and
    • Managing the STTM application.
  • Entering the STTM is strategic decision for most organisations and can take anywhere between 3-12 months to transition. If you would like to know more, please contact us to understand if accessing the STTM is the right decision for your organisation.





Source: AEMO / ASX Energy