February 2018

16 Feb Energy Security board consultation paper

The first public consultation paper for the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) has been released today by the Independent Energy Security Board (ESB). Dr Schott, the ESB Chair person said “The consultation paper seeks feedback from stakeholders on the high level design of the of the mechanism’s reliability and emissions component”. The release of this paper is the first step in a consultation process that will occur over coming months. The ESB has advised that a high level design of the NEG will be provided to the COAG Energy Council in early April, ahead of a COAG meeting later that month when the report will be considered. Edge will provide more details in the...

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05 Feb Tesla and SA Government plan to build a 250 MW “virtual power plant”

The South Australian Premier, Jay Wetherill has announced that a deal has been made with Tesla to install 50,000 rooftop solar PV systems and Tesla batteries on homes in South Australia. The total capacity of the solar PV is expected to be around 250 MW or the size of a small power station. The first 1,000 systems are already under way, being built by Housing Trust which is the South Australian Government’s low-cost housing arm. If successful, a further 24,000 government households will have the system installed, before being opened to private participation. The details of the deal between the South Australian Government and Tesla is not known. Specifically, any success criteria...

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