Edge Energy Services – Edge Live

Information About Your Energy Portfolio At Your Fingertips

A Business Intelligence platform that enables you to access and analyse information to improve and optimise decisions relating to your energy portfolio.

A central, secure location available to registered users within your business to view counterparty contracts and other contractual documentation relating to your energy portfolio.

Access your latest Reports from Edge including Snapshots, Forecasts, Accruals and Market Reports. 

We equip you with information gold – real time information about your energy portfolio that allows you to make informed decisions that are right for you and your business.


We’re all about providing a tailored and specialised service to our clients. But we also know you often need quick access to information regarding your energy consumption and spend. This is why we’ve developed Edge Live.


Edge Live is a secure, online information portal that gives you instant access to contracts, portfolio information, reports, data and so much more. This business intelligence platform provides you with instant access to the information you need to make informed choices for your business.


At Edge, we are constantly working towards enhancing our client experience. We use your feedback to enhance the functionality of Edge Live to make it serve your needs even better.


Edge Live is a bespoke system that has been built with you in mind. We know that every energy customer is different and Edge Live continues to evolve based on customer needs.

Edge Live is powerful, accurate and flexible

We saw that our competitor’s online portals offered limited benefits to the customer. So we built our own.

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