Electricity Market Prices – Week ending 14 December 2018

Key electricity market observations for the week ending 14 December 2018:

  • LGC prices declined to their lowest levels of the year on Friday, reaching $58.75/certificate.
  • QLD weekly average spot increased by $14.64/MWh to $92.89/MWh, despite a decline in average demand of 256 MW to 6,462 MW. On Friday, the 5 minute price spiked to the market cap of $14,500/MWh as a result of a constraint that constrained off 720 MW of generation in QLD.
  • NSW weekly average spot price increased by $11.24/MWh to $88.31/MWh and average weekly demand increased by 381 MW to 7,919 MW. Demand was generally higher throughout the week, however, on Monday and Thursday, there was a clear deviation in demand shape from the previous week.
  • VIC weekly average spot price increased by $22.00/MWh to $109.31/MWh despite a modest decline in average demand. Spot prices were very high on Wednesday and volatility in VIC increased after midday


New South Wales


South Australia

Source: AEMO / ASX Energy