Electricity Market Prices – Week ending 14 September 2018

Key electricity market observations for the week ending 14 September 2018:

  • Weekly average demand and spot prices declined in all regions; primarily as a result of softening demand and increased generation capacity. These improved market conditions provided relief across the forward contracts market which had trended up for a number of weeks.
  • Snowy Hydro water levels managed to maintain an upward trend with water levels reaching 19.4%. The change of trajectory in water levels at Snowy Hydro has occurred later this year than previous years as prolonged cold temperatures has delayed snow melt.
  • Ross River solar farm came online for the first time last week. The solar farm is jointly owned by ESCO And Palisade Investment Partners with the output contracted the EnergyAustralia through a long term PPA.


New South Wales


South Australia

Source: AEMO / ASX Energy