Electricity Market Prices – Week ending 29 June 2018

Key electricity market observations for the week ending 29 June 2018:

  • The weekly average spot price declined for all mainland NEM regions except SA.
  • According the AFR, Snowy Hydro 2.0 expansion will begin in December this year, despite approvals for the upgrade not being achieved prior to this.
  • The Gas statement Of Opportunities was recently released highlighting that there are no gas supply shortfalls forecast for the east coast gas market before 2030.
  • Q318 and Q418 contract prices softened for QLD, NSW and VIC.
  • CAL20 contract prices softened for QLD, NSW and VIC.
  • Small volumes were traded for SA 2019 quarterly swaps on the ASX last week and prices generally pushed up.


New South Wales


South Australia

Source: AEMO / ASX Energy