Author: Alex Driscoll


The electricity spot prices were higher for the Summer period (January - March) compared to the preceding three months. Although demand remained static, prices increased as a result of coal and gas generation setting prices at elevated levels. Average prices increased in all regions from the previous summer, with Queensland increasing the least at 23% and Victoria increasing the most at 62%. Across all regions, prices during the 2019 summer were higher than the 2018 summer and were very high in a historical context for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Looking back across the last 10 summers, 2019 summer prices are at their highest levels in most states. Figure 1: Historical prices...

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01 Mar CleanCo Moving Ahead – Part 2

With expectations that CleanCo will be trading in the NEM by mid this year, things are getting into full swing. Last week CleanCo appointed its first two key executives – Miles George and Geoff Dutaillis. Who are these new executives? Miles George has been appointed the Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at CleanCo. His role at CleanCo is to secure cleaner, more affordable, sustainable energy and secure supply of electricity for Queensland (QLD). He was previously the CEO and Managing Director of Infigen Energy. After leaving Infigen Energy in 2016, Miles continued as a strategic adviser until December 2017. During and after his time at Infigen, Miles has been the Chairman of...

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