September 2018

11 Sep Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme

The Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme has come to a close and successfully underwritten six new renewable projects with a combined generation capacity of 928 MW. The target strike price in the contract has been known since the auction was announced in November 2018. These prices are: $56.52/MWh for wind $53.06/MWh for fixed plate solar $56.85/MWh for single axis tracking solar It is understood that prices achieved came in around the target prices. These are some of the most competitively priced agreements in the market. The VIC Government has committed to a 15 year CFD for each of the projects with a price floor of $0.00/MWh. The successful projects are: Berrybank wind...

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10 Sep AEMO Seeking Feedback on Marginal Loss Factor Calculations

Over the last few years, there has been a drop in the Marginal Loss Factor (MLF) in the North Queensland region. The MLF is applied to generation for the purposes of calculating how much revenue a generator will received for its electricity. A lower MLF means proportionately lower spot electricity revenue. Following the installation of several large solar farms in the North Queensland region, the loss factors have started to drop (as shown in the graph below). As more generation is built further away from where the electricity is used, the loss factor deteriorates. This would have been a surprise to many of the investors as, historically, the MLFs have been stable...

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