April 2018

26 Apr New Firming Product released to market

As more and more large energy consumers look to contract directly with renewable generators, and renewable generators seek price certainty, a new product referred to as the “clean energy derivative” has hit the market. In the last few weeks, AGL and ERM have released a somewhat standardised product which is built on generation from a renewable source and then “firmed”. AGL’s  “Wind Product Firming Unit” was described as being firmed through physical gas generation whilst also allowing the renewable generator to access the spot market (available in SA and VIC). ERM announced a similar product which is based on generation from solar. These are great initiatives from the retailers who are...

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17 Apr Northern Territory Government lifts moratorium on fracking

The Chief Minister of the Northern Terriroty (NT) Michael Gunner has announced that the 135 recommendations made in the recent inquiry into fracking in the NT would be implemented, allowing on-shore fracking to take place in the territory. The 135 recommendations made in the inquiry mitigate the risks associated with onshore gas development to acceptable levels, and in some cases claim to eliminate the risks completely. New gas developments will require environmental management plans which will be assessed by the NT Environment Protection Authority and signed off by the environment minister. There will also be area’s where fracking will not be allowed. These include indigenous protected areas, special environmental areas, cultural and...

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12 Apr AEMC sets maximum price for power

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has released its schedule of reliability settings which outlines the maximum price for electricity for both an individual dispatch interval as well as the maximum cumulative price.  The current maximum price of $14,200/MWh will increase to $14,500/MWh and the cumulative price threshold will increase from $212.800 to $216,900. The maximum price sets the highest cost a generator can be paid in any period and consequently what a consumer can be exposed to. It is escalated each year in line with CPI to encourage new peaking plant to enter the market if needed. The cumulative price threshold aggregates the trading intervals over the last seven days. If they...

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