January 2018

24 Jan ASX stops cap trading from July 2021

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) recently changed the rules governing electricity prices in the National Electricity Market (NEM). Instead of being paid on a 30 minute basis, the market will be paid on a 5 minute basis. The main benefits of moving to 5 minute prices are greater participation of demand side management including batteries and less opportunities for gaming the market. For a full discussion see the AEMC website: http://www.aemc.gov.au/Rule-Changes/Five-Minute-Settlement One of the main concerns over the change to 5 minute markets is that it will be difficult for traditional peaking plant to ramp up fast enough during high prices. Many of these peaking plants sell what is known as...

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10 Jan Solar Reserve receives approval for SA concentrated solar thermal plant

The Port Augusta located, concentrated solar thermal plant has reached a significant, yet not surprising, milestone in achieving development approval for the plant. The Aurora plant will have 150 MW of capacity and 8 hours of storage. The development approval suggests that the $110 million concessional loan from the Federal Government is all but secured. It is understood that the funding was allocated in the May 2017 Federal budget and to be administered through ARENA. The plant is scheduled to deliver 100% of its output to the SA Government under a long term agreement beginning in 2020. Further information can be found on our previous article http://www.edgeenergyservices.com.au/edge-news/150-mw-solar-thermal-plant-constructed-south-australia/ If you would like to know more...

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