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A team of experts focused on your objectives

Edge Energy Services partners with some of Australia’s largest energy users across a wide range of industries, including mining, manufacturing, transport, utilities, finance and retail. We design, implement and manage energy solutions that are customised to each client. In the energy market, that’s really unique.

There’s only so much you can achieve with an off-the-shelf solution. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in developing our own powerful processing and reporting systems.

It’s why we approach everything from your perspective – easing your energy challenges and securing the best possible value. It’s why we consistently focus on delivering market-leading strategies that help you achieve your key business objectives.

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Energy Procurement

Maximise your procurement opportunities

We make sure we understand your organisation and your industry so we can find the most competitive and appropriate provider to match your needs. Our independence, up-to-date knowledge and unique industry experience ensures you get the best solution, no matter how complex your energy needs are.

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Portfolio Management

Achieve the optimum return on your energy and water spend

Our proactive approach to portfolio management breaks through others’ limitations. The reporting systems we’ve built are so sophisticated, intelligent and flexible, they’re unprecedented in the industry. The accurate and comprehensive data we provide gives you valuable insight into your usage and costs – today and into the future.

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Project Works

A complete project solution – connection and generation

Edge’s capabilities encompass all infrastructure requirements on major projects, from initial enquiry to connection, generation and ongoing management. We become your independent management team, ensuring all parties are compliant with your project needs. Our expert facilitation of the physical and contractual aspects of connection and generation means you can rely on a seamless synergy.

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What defines us is the way we use our vast industry experience to benefit you. We’re proudly personal. We’re always proactive. And we’re committed to putting your business needs first.

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