Edge Energy Services – Project Works

Harness the strength and reliability of our team for your major projects

Edge can function as your dedicated project management team, driving on-time and on-budget solutions for major infrastructure requirements. Our Project Works professionals perform a unique role, independently holding both the connection and infrastructure teams accountable.

Edge’s technical expertise, portfolio presence and proven capabilities across the entire supply chain combine to give you a seamless Project Works solution.

Our Major Projects expertise spans everything from options assessment, planning and approvals, through to design, construction management and physical connection.


Your major projects have critical time and budget parameters that are all impacted by infrastructure requirements. Edge can free you from the challenge of managing this complex process by drawing on our extensive experience and strong relationships with network service providers across the NEM.


From meter or outage testing to facilitating a new electricity, gas or water supply, or on-site generation, with Edge on your team you can be confident that your commercial outcomes are always prioritised.



We’ll assess your organisation’s current arrangement and optimise your business.