Edge Energy Services – Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management that’s 100% proactive about driving your energy costs down

Edge has a proven track record in managing the portfolios of some of Australia’s largest energy users.

Our sophisticated reporting systems lead the industry for innovation and effectiveness, and they can be fully configured to suit your operational requirements.

Incredibly comprehensive and highly personal, the Edge approach to Portfolio Management ensures your business maintains the optimal energy arrangement at all times.

We equip you with information gold – accurate data and expert analysis that enables you to capitalise on favourable opportunities and avoid potential risks.


Because we’ve invested so heavily in our proprietary systems and processes, we can provide you with an unprecedented level of clarity and control over your energy costs and consumption. Our accurate, in-depth monitoring of every aspect of your portfolio exposes any issues or opportunities almost instantly. And if something needs fixing, we ensure it’s resolved quickly, with minimal impact to your organisation.


We’re continually across industry and regulatory changes that have the potential to impact your portfolio. You’ll know the most advantageous time to go to market, lock in new meter or energy contract rates, or renew contracts. We remain on-call, responding with priority to every routine or ad-hoc request and providing accurate forecasting and strategic advice.


With information this valuable, every decision you make will improve your operational efficiency.


Edge reporting systems are powerful, accurate and flexible

We saw that standard reporting systems offered limited benefits to our customers. So we built our own.

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We’ll assess your organisation’s current arrangement and optimise your business.