Edge Energy Services – Energy Procurement


Intelligent, unbiased procurement strategies that save you money

Our Commercial Energy Procurement service is completely focused on reducing your costs and mitigating your risks. In an industry that’s increasingly constrained by alliances between broker and provider, Edge remains independent. That means our recommendations and strategies are always in your best interest.

We’ve built an impressive reputation for honest and transparent engagement and we proudly maintain our independent position in the Australian energy market.

From strategic portfolio review and analysis, through to an in-depth and robust tender and negotiation process, Edge will maximise your opportunity to drive energy costs down.


Our Procurement process starts with understanding the specific needs of your organisation – your key objectives and business drivers, and your existing operational processes and internal resources. We then leverage our significant portfolio presence and our extensive, long-standing relationships with Australian energy retailers to take your requirements to market.


We facilitate the entire request-for-tender process, ensuring the procurement strategy is optimal, the tender document is accurate and specific, and all supporting information is relevant. Edge expertly evaluates all responses, comparing key variables against your business objectives and using our proven negotiation ability to ensure all offers reflect each retailer’s optimal terms before submitting for your assessment.


You can be confident that you’re making a calculated, informed and correct decision about your energy provider.



We’ll assess your organisation’s current arrangement and optimise your business.